Alena Vasilyeva is a remarkable individual. Nature has endowed her with an inquisitive and hard-working character that has assisted her to achieve much as a scholar, art critic, teacher and watercolourist. After having graduated cum laude from the Herzen University, she has proved herself among experienced colleagues and art connoisseurs to be a bright and original watercolourist. Her landscape watercolours are notable for their virtuoso images of St Petersburg, and many devotees of her talent have taken a fancy to the richness of her still lifes of flowers and fruits.

Her artistic talent has truly flowered in emotional oil paintings, in which she has revelled in her great opportunities of oils in colourful brightness and depth of conveyance. However, her experience as a watercolourist has influenced the creation of her amazingly light and diverse paintings with their sharp composition and unusual colours.

She devotedly draws on numerous trips – to Moscow and Novgorod, Kizhi and Solovki, China and Thailand. But St Petersburg motifs remain her favourite ones. She produced an entire series of cityscapes, including a collection of poetic views of the university.

Alena does everything with passion and enthusiasm, so she is sure to have new students, acclaim from art critics and, of course, be happy in her painting that will bring visitors who admire her unique and sincere art a great deal of warmth and emotion.



People’s Artist of the Russian Federation,
Honoured Arts Worker of the Russian Federation,
Professor, PhD in Art History,
Head of the Department of Drawing
at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia